Would You Buy a ‘Haunted’ House? 32% of Buyers Say They Would!

Linda Margl | Edina RealtyHaunted houses must not be too spooky because 32 percent of potential home buyers say they’d buy a haunted house or a home with suspected paranormal activity, according to a new Realtor.com survey.

While some potential buyers may be willing to overlook any skeletons in the closet, they do expect a discount for the paranormal intrusion.

Seventeen percent of the potential home buyers say they’d expect a discount of 51 percent or more on the “haunted” home’s market value, 19 percent say they expect a 31-50 percent discount, and 18 percent say a 21-30 percent discount would suffice for them. Only 15 percent of those surveyed say they’d be willing to pay full market value for a “haunted” home.

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